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Summer Solstice Blessing Suggestions?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a Summer Solstice Blessing? Or has anyone performed or been a part of one that they would like to share here? I've been asked to do a blessing in a class next weekend and would love to hear about your experiences. I might even borrow an idea or two for my blessing.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!


Can anyone recommend a spiritual way to deal with the loss of a living loved one?  that is a near and dear family member who chooses to not be family?


Goddess Inspiration, 5/27


Discussion Question: What inspires you? Do you create art? If so, what kind?

Giving Birth and Mothering

Today's Goddess card got me thinking...

One of the three (or four) faces of Goddess in most traditions is the Mother. While many people interpret this to be literal motherhood -- as in birthing and raising children -- I've always liked to look at this as more of a metaphor. For many reasons, there are women who choose not to have children, and there are women who are unable to have biological children. There are also women who complete their childbearing and continue to "mother." 

I have been childfree by choice for a long time. While this is likely to change in the future, I still do not plan to actually birth children of my own. I do not think that forgoing biological motherhood makes me any less of a Mother, though. I have mothered projects, dreams, businesses. I consider my mentoring role with my students to be a Mothering role sometimes. I nurture and mother my pets and my friends and my family. I am continuously giving birth to myself, to my ideas, to my scholary endeavors.

What do you mother?

If you have children or want to have children, how do you envision the Mother role?

Whether or not you have or plan to have children, how do you experience the Mother in your life?

What are you currently birthing? 

Goddess Inspiration, 5/15

Goddess Inspiration, 5/13

Happy mother's day to all the mom's out there!

Goddess Inspiration, 5/09

Thankful friday!

1. </a></font></b></a>cottageunderhilis coming out to see me for a b-day present!!!!!! 
2. Compromising on mother's day weekend plans
3.  All clothing listed on Ebay!
4.  I Love Seth!  Facebook club, not to mention Seth.
5.  Flexible job.

What are you thankful for?